Design Cost

Custom Presentation Design Cost

Cost of designing custom PowerPoint Presentation using contents you have providedĀ is calculated by taking fixed charge USD 20 plus USD 1.1 per slide. Use the calculator on the right to see how much will cost to design your PowerPoint Presentation.


Fixed Cost

20 USD

Cost Per Slide

1.1 USD

Total: USD

Steps to Follow

  1. Check total cost for your project using the calculator above, if you are satisfied with the price please follow the following steps
  2. Upload your file contents
    1. Your contents must have been summarised for PowerPoint Design.
    2. You should use Microsoft Word file format
  3. We will examine your project and if the content file meet above standards
  4. We will accept your project and notify you
  5. You make payment
  6. We will work on your project. We take average of 6 slides per day.